The Devil Inside: A Paranormal Romance

By Georgia Carter Mathers at Dark Love

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Jo Chesterton, financial services consultant and student, realizes college doesn't really matter, not when her mom is having trouble paying the bills. So Jo does the only thing she can do. She runs back to Sydney to help. One night businessman Wade Scott—her older, richer and very sexy long-time friend—comes to visit. That is it. She doesn’t let him go, and he doesn’t let her go either. They sleep together, and all of a sudden, Jo feels as though the world isn’t such a bad place after all, especially since Wade has asked her to work at his firm. The problem is that the first day doesn’t go to plan.

The heat level of this book is hot, but it is not erotica. It contains explicit sex scenes.

48 pages.

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The first chapter of The Devil Inside


Wow—I want more! ‘The Devil Inside’ was fantastic. – Kylie

A good tale with a twist and deeper meaning, sexy and fast. - Erica

This is an intriguing tale of Wade and Jo - Tee

A dark romance tale, fast paced, rich description, with twists and plenty of suspense filled moments - Kim.

EPub: 978-0-9945803-0-6
Mobi: 978-0-9945803-1-3
PDF: 978-0-9945803-2-0

Somewhere in The Devil Inside, a Minotaur lurks, but that’s all I’m saying. If you love Minotaurs, you love Greek mythology. Some myths tell the story of King Minos, who received the gift of a bull from Poseidon. Both Minos and his wife, Pasiphae, were enthralled with the beauty of the bull, and they refused to sacrifice it. Some stories claim that Poseidon wanted Pasiphae to fall in love with the bull as an act of vengeance because Minos refused to sacrifice the bull. (Sears, K, 2013 Mythology 101: from gods and goddesses to monsters and mortal, your guide to ancient mythology. Avon, Massachusetts, p. 288)