Trelloran Seduction (Signed paperback) Australia Only

By Georgia Carter Mathers at Dark Love

It begins on the 300th day of 2195 on Volen ...

There is no such thing as an individual. All the humans think of themselves as units with predetermined roles, and they do not grow old with their lovers. The females are sacrificed when they turn thirty, leaving their male counterparts behind.

Princess Kaitlau is a nymph who can take any form. She is also a refugee. She came to Volen through the charmed window after escaping her prison on Trellora.

King Ganim, the vampire who is thought to have created Kaitlau, must be punished. She had thought he loved her as a father, but that could not be. Although he was never present in the chamber, the king had ordered the priests to repeatedly rape her. Merely punishing her father is not enough. She wants him dead. It will be done.

Kaitlau has been observing a particular rebel killing priests on Volen. He is just the one to help her. But feelings for the rebel start to emerge when he agrees to carry out her assassination plans, and gradually as they work together, love begins to matter more than revenge.

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ISBN: 978-0-9945803-3-7

Trelloran Seduction signed print copy: 458 pages

The Devil Inside e-book: 49 pages.

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This is an actual church that sits in the middle of Sydney. You wouldn't know it from the picture, but it still houses church services and is open at select times for those who wish to pray, worship, or visit and admire the gothic interior.

I visited this church many years ago while writing the novella Butterfly Girl, which eventually turned into Trelloran Seduction. When I saw the church building and the grounds around it, I sensed that a church just like this one would play a key role in the story.

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I experienced sexual assault when I was a child, and perhaps this story is a public acknowledgment of that in some way, although the book discusses many other types of sexual abuse as well, and it predominantly follows the journey toward healing.

According to Centres Against Sexual Assault, a university study found 20.6% of women and 10.5% of men reported non-penetrative childhood sexual abuse by the age of 16 and that 7.9% of women and 7.5% of men reported penetrative childhood sexual abuse by the age 16 years. (Mamun, Lawlor, O' Calloghan, Bor, Williams. & Najman, 2007 Queensland University study,

Recovery and healing after child sexual assault is hard but it is also attainable:

Investigate people who inhabit the vampiric psyche: